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  • Motorcycle suggestion to Fellow Turkish Rider


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    buona sera,

    I have been using this forum in google translate. I hope you guys are okay with English, because I don't have any Italian. 

    So I am 25 and this is going to be my 3. bike. I have been looking for a bike for daily commute and some long trips of mine.
    Leoncino is my first option here, because the power of this bike is exact amount that I need actually. Not too much to be risk myself, not too weak to be insufficient on highways. But there are some concerns. 
    First one I couldn't find any reliable long term review of this bike. Usually people who had test the bike mentions how it feels good to ride this bike and look. The thing is I need to know that is it reliable bike? All the rust issues and cheap plastics problems are still issue on 2020 model, or these problems have been revised already. How often people have these problems on their leoncinos.
    Anyway my second option is Yamaha MT-03. It's Japanese bike. You know it's reliable. Always in good condition. 

    Which one you would suggest ? Benelli Leoncino 500 or Yamaha MT - 03 ?


    Btw, Thanks a lot already. I know these days are hard, I hope everybody is safe.

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    hi @Mertc

    I also try to answer you with my english by google translator 😉

    As @Niko il Brusco says if you ask on a benelli forum the answer is Leoncino 😍
    then you can get answers like that @il masso that is not exactly satisfied with its lion while it was with its previous mt03.

    Keep in mind that with all brands in forums and groups there is always a tendency to write when you have problems, and to bring out questions you do not enjoy it and rarely write praises about it 😉
    Objectively I can tell you that problems can also happen on the "very reliable" Japanese, as on all motorcycles ... (if you read on the mt03 forums you will have confirmation) sometimes it is a matter of luck but the important thing in any case is to have a competent assistance center available to solve them in the shortest possible time and in the best way.
    The bulk of the "problems" of youth that can be read around have been solved, those that still exist are solved under warranty but we are talking about small problems ... not frames that break, not engines
    break  , but small problems to the float petrol, to the water pump, to some incorrect tightening and little more.
    The MY 2020 for the Leoncino does not exist, it is always the usual bike from when it came out to which small improvements have been applied during these three years ... and this confirms the goodness of the initial project.
    Being a relatively new model, few are over 20000\25000km traveled to confirm its reliability beyond that threshold..but today it seems reliable and there are no cases of serious breakages to be able to say otherwise.
    Poor plastics, rust, little precision of the assemblies on the Leoncino are urban legends ... neither more nor less than on the competitors of the same category .. what is a fact is its style, its character and its components that they are a step above its competitors and often at a lower price.

    I conclude with my experience of two years and almost 16000km ... I would not go back nor change it.

    I am in love with her as on the first day😍

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    • 3 weeks later...

    well thanks for the answers. i have done a lot of research about the bike, now I consider that leoncino trail is going to be my next bike.
    but there is something that I need you guys to answer for me please. do you know what brand and model leoncino trail's tyres? is it pirelli angel or metzeler tourance or anything else?

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