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Benelliforum.it is a private independent BENELLI QJ and any other organization, membership is free but you must abide by the established rules and behave accordingly, if this is not done moderators can delete posts and topics without prior notice and in the most serious cases deemed to prevent access to the user . The aspects between commercial and private owners of motorcycles Benelli and Benelli QJ Benelli or dealers are not under our control and / or direct interest.



Forum Rules


Registration to this forum is free, but you are obliged to observe the rules listed below:


Although the administrators and moderators of Benelliforum.it will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to examine them all. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Benelliforum.it be held responsible for the content of any message.


By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you accept and will comply with the following points:


1) When you write a message to choose the right forum where you want it to appear. Each forum has its own theme and messages posted in the wrong places will be deleted or moved.


2) Check before you write that is not already present a message of the same type, if there is already talk of the same subject continued in that message in order to enrich the conversation.


3) Do not quote (reporting the text) of the entire message to which you want to respond, listed only the phrase you like, or just the first line of the post to which you refer: the forum software still allows you to quickly go back to the original message quoted , if needed. And 'generally useless if you quote the post reference is immediately above yours. The "Total quoting" will be deleted.


4) Do not EVER Dimension photos


5) When you insert a picture check that its size does not exceed the screen otherwise you make awkward / slow vision at all; if you do not you can resize photos, enter only the link to the host that hosts it. The option to insert images "manage attachments" should only be used in the technical sections to illustrate maintenance; in all other sections is mandatory to use the function "insert image" and relying on an external host (easily available online).


6) Before posting in forums and technical service, read the rules of use, are written on top. These forums are useful to everyone, we try to use them to the fullest.


7) Do not post messages that are not of general interest! If you want to report something to someone there the MP (private messages), the forum should not be used as a Chat.


8 ) The signature must be used to enter the type of motorcycle owned and if you really want some phrase that you like but are prohibited signatures kilometric with emoticons and various size larger than the standard characters.


9) are absolutely forbidden words, opinions and / or images offensive to other forum users or people outside the same and good taste. The respect and education are the basis for engaging in discussion, and / or response. If you feel offended by someone, in order to avoid controversy and / or discussions, you are advised not to respond but to report the message to the moderators who have the tools most appropriate to intervene.


10) you will not post any messages and / or image obscene, vulgar, pornographic, hateful, threatening, false, defamatory, that invades personal privacy, terrorism, inciting to violence or in any manner that violates any law.


11) And 'forbidden to use the forum for commercial purposes unless previously arranged with the owner of Benelliforum.it


12) the moderators have the ability (to their unquestionable judgment) to ban, delete, correct and operate all necessary for the proper management of the forum. Any requests for information on These decisions can not be the subject of public discussion, and any attempt to do so will be deleted.

Requests may be made only via Private Message.


13) are cautioned that all participants in the forum Private Messaging (PM) reside on the database of the forum to ensure that users do not eliminate them.


14) Avoid polemics against those who are unable to replicate because they do not know about this violates the law of the Par level playing field.


The data provided at registration to the forum, freely provided by the user, are kept confidential and known only by the administrators and moderators of the forum.


Do not be disclosed to third parties and will not send you any unsolicited e-mail advertising.


The e-mail address is used only to autentificarvi and to prevent bots, little robots, computer invade the site to create nonexistent users. In addition you will be forwarded information you requested to your e-mail address, and exceptionally important communications.


Who did not like to submit to the rules listed above may request deletion of his account to the 'Admin or Moderators



Always remember that this is just a forum ... real life is elsewhere. generally for a biker riding his bike on the road ... and .. with caution and respect.






What is not allowed in the forum


Opening the discussions of political concern.


The discussions related to political issues, current events or not, by their nature, very easily lead to a sharp contrast between the views of participating users. Historically, this has always led to a degeneration of the climate discussions with members deployed to defend its reasons apart from a civil dialectic between the parties and respect for others' ideas.


Insert into messages insults of any kind; the recipient can be a user of the forum, a public and / or private or a legal personality. By the same token it is forbidden to enter slanderous messages with themed characters in public and / or private or company and / or companies.


In a discussion in a forum it is possible that the tones can be exasperating, leading to injury. It 'good to set the box on a forum following the same style that terremmo in a discussion in person. There are different levels of offense, although a priori it is good to avoid them: it will be the discretion of the moderator to assess the extent of the penalty to be applied to those who use abusive language in their messages. The criticism of the idea of others should never become an occasion for insult or injury.


Use an account so shared with other users; in the same way can not be transferred, even temporarily, to other people.


The audience is personal, and as such should be used.


Sign up with an email address that is not ricondubicile to his own person; email addresses of family member, friend or whatever are therefore not allowed.


The audience is personal, and as such should be used.


Apologies political ideologies, religious, or any of emphasizing the superiority of one race, ethnicity, nationality ', region, ideology or religious creed. As obvious, even to speak of "inferiority" of race, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, it is forbidden because the other side of the same coin.


Use sarcastic and disparaging attitudes. You must refrain from such behavior, so as to make the atmosphere of the discussions as calm as possible.


If to explain my thoughts better use an attitude that puts my interlocutor in a position of inferiority, it is clear that I can not wait for me to answer the same style.


Making political propaganda you must not use the forum as a means to advertise a political party or a politician. The ban on political propaganda is also valid in reference to signature, avatar and private messages ..


The ban on open discussions with political issues obviously implies the impossibility for users to discuss topics related to politics even in indirect ways, using the tools of the accessories forum.


Register with more than one nickname.


In the moment in which a registered user chooses to record a second account, must abandon the use of the first. The possession and use of multiple accounts by the same person makes it harder to manage the forum, as well as creating potentially unpleasant misunderstandings. The moment a user were to use multiple accounts for personal interest, for example, to manage a sales negotiation in the market, the penalty applied to this behavior will be particularly severe.


Insert SPAM messages, whether public or using private messages (PVT)


This is a general rule that the web is always good to follow and in any busy environment. Our definition of spam includes:

- Self-promotional messages of any nature whatsoever

- Everything that contains some form of referrals, direct or indirect

- Messages with links to their web pages - works - writings also do not have direct or indirect commercial purposes


Enter messages in crossposting (same text in multiple threads)


When you want to create a discussion forum you choose a theme in which to publish it; if you are in doubt between two or more forums you can possibly consult with a moderator, but the choice must always be for a single forum.


Included in their discussions link information of a commercial nature, as well as links related to specific products published on auctions.


E 'possible to insert a link to report the availability of products and / or comparing prices, inputting at least 2 different computer resellers (better if there are more). The exception is in the case of a specific product, which is always present and only at a dealer in the exclusive subject matter: in this case it is best to consult with a moderator. E 'possible to link the technical details of a product on the manufacturer's website, even if this data sheet may take a second click to the part of e-commerce direct on the manufacturer's website.


Working in this way we avoid that forum posts will become a showcase of propaganda for the business on the web.


Open discussions regarding pornography, piracy (no crack, serials, warez or illegal nature of any technical requirement - especially those on radio, television, satellite and telephony -) and advertising of any kind, in addition to any activity 'illegal under existing Italian laws.


Open discussions involving nude or inappropriate pictures and / or rough, partly because of the presence of minors in the discussion forum.


The web is no shortage of opportunities to explore these issues, therefore we leave willingly to other spaces.


Open discussions that are not related to the topics covered in the specific subforum in which it intervenes.


Enter messages in "market style", ie where it is noted that you have for sale or you want to sell something.


Discussions of sale should be included in the market, which is able to accommodate virtually any computer product, carefully following the rules set out therein. It 'still forbidden to enter post containing the link to the sale (classified in full as crossposting). And 'vice versa allowed to enter the link in signature but is forbidden to post saying "look at my sign" to emphasize its vendita.La breach of any of these rules will involve the application of a sanction by moderators and / or administrator forum; the scope of the specific penalty will be at the discretion of, related to the type of violation, forumistica user experience and the context in which the offense has been created.


On some folders there are limits to access, then you will have to overcome in order to access the number of posts required.





Say hello when you enter or exit the CHAT, is an act of good education and is a great start to chat and introduce yourself.

Do not write in capital letters, in CHAT is equivalent to shouting, it is not considered polite towards other users and do not need to attract attention.

Do not repeat the same message multiple times and do not abuse of smiley faces or colors, may annoy the reader.

Do not be vulgar, not to offend nor to discuss violently, especially about football or political topics, chat and free and is a place to relax and have fun.

Do not spam, advertise sites or services not related to AL FORUM, nor disclose personal data, email, contacts, phone numbers, or other sensitive data.

You will be BANNED from CHAT: Who writes only in CHAT snubbing the forum.




Rules Signatures


The Specific Regulations below apply to signatures. The signatures, or personal messages, thoughts, and images that are entered by the user and reported automatically by the system at the end of every message posted in the forum, are the calling card of each user; together allow the avatar to recognize at a glance who has written a message.


- The signature must first be sized to fit. Here you will find some useful information about the maximum size accepted and tips for how to adapt the signature to the regulation.



- And 'forbidden the use of images and / or references to pornographic, sexual, political, religious, and prejudicial or discriminating against a particular person, ethnicity, race or religion, incitement to violence, suicide or behavior contrary to the Law .


- It shall be prohibited references to activity 'commercial, professional of any kind, except for the sponsors affiliated with Benelliforum.it

Are possible, always to the sponsor agreement other exceptions to deliberate on a case-by-case basis by the Directors.


- It 's not load the signature ads for sale with external links to the classifieds section / market of Benelliforum.it


- Are prohibited links to external sites that carry out activities aBenelliforum.it 'commercial, professional, e-commerce, other forums, etc ..., sites and forums with the same purpose of Benelliforum.it

Are allowed to link instead of hosting services photo / video (Imageshack, Flickr, YouTube, etc ...) or internal links to the Forum (eg. Discussions, reports, meetings, ...).


- Signatures are prohibited controversy and / or provocative in any form.



- Moderators and Staff may, at their discretion, edit or delete signatures that do not conform to these rules, or punish the perpetrators thereof in the case of serious violations.





Terms of Use for Benelliforum.it



Legal Information

Each time you use or cause access to this web site and / or forum you agree to the Terms of Use and any amendments that may be taken with or without notice from us. In addition, if you are using a particular service on or through this site, you are subject to any rules or guidelines applicable to those services that are an integral part of these Terms of Use. See also our privacy policy which forms part of these Terms of Use.




The content on all pages and sections of the site and / or forum Benelliforum.it can not be replicated, even partially, on other Web sites, mailing lists, newsletters, magazines, cdrom or otherwise, without the prior permission of the site owner and / or forum, regardless of the purpose of financial gain. The authorization must be requested in writing via e-mail and may only be considered with a specific consent of the site owner and / or forum, always writing. The silence does not give rise to any authorization.

The graphics and the html code present in Benelliforum.it are to be considered the exclusive property, this does not preclude that we can take a cue from layout Benelliforum.it but prohibits that you copy the graphic creating confusion among visitors.

The trademarks mentioned in Benelliforum.it are of their respective owners. These are mentioned in Benelliforum.it for informational purposes only and on them Benelliforum.it has no right.




Terms of Use

In order to use certain services of Benelliforum.it, you must register by agreeing to provide truthful information when requested. By registering, you explicitly agree to our Terms of Use and our privacy policies and their possible periodic changes you can see on this page.


Using the services of Benelliforum.it agree that all information or data of any kind, whether text, software, code, music or digital sound, photographs, video or other materials ("Content"), publicly or privately provided, are the sole responsibility of the person providing them, or whose profile is used to supply them. In no event shall the managers and owners of this site may be held responsible for the content included therein, or for errors and omissions.


Our site and / or forums and services provided by it or through it are provided "AS IS" and, therefore, the managers and owners of this website assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, accurate or non-delivery or store any data, communications or personalization enrollee. By visiting this site and / or forum you accept that its owners reserve the right and may, at any time, without prior notice and / or reason and without any liability to you, modify or delete access to this site and / or forum and to all its services or delete the data you provide, either temporarily or permanently. The managers of the site and / or forum not assume any responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, that may occur as a result of the use of the information on Benelliforum.it




Privacy policy

The data provided by registration or subsequently, and other personal data we collect is subject to the terms of our privacy policies




Processing of Personal Data and Privacy


This Privacy Policy is intended to describe the management of Internet sites and / or forums, second and third level, under the name of Benelliforum.it, in relation to the processing of personal data of users / visitors who consult them.


Benelliforum.it treats all personal data of users / visitors of the services offered in full compliance with the provisions of the Italian national regulations concerning privacy and, in particular, of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.


Where possible access to particular services is subject to registration after disclosure of personal data, a specific information is provided when subscribing to the services themselves.


The acquisition of data, which may be required, is a prerequisite for access to the services offered on the site. Benelliforum.it retains the technical data relating to connections (log) to allow security checks required by law and in order to improve the quality of our services and customize them according to the needs of the users / visitors.


The data can be used by Benelliforum.it also in order to send out periodic e-mails containing advertising, promotional materials, promotional, commercial communications.


The personal data collected and stored in databases Benelliforum.it, are treated by employees and / or associates of the owner of the treatment as being responsible, these data will be used ONLY to use the services of Benelliforum.it, no personal data will be subject to disclosure or communication to third parties, except in cases provided by information and / or the law, however, in the manner permitted by this.


Benelliforum.it shall, in accordance with applicable provisions of law relating to the registration of log files. These data do not allow identification of the user if not in response to a series of processing operations and interconnection, and necessarily through data supplied by other providers. These operations may be carried out at the request of the competent judicial authorities, who are permitted by the express provisions of the law in order to prevent and / or prosecute.


The website and / or forums Benelliforum.it are used temporary markers (cookie). A cookie is a piece of information that is transmitted from Benelliforum.it to your computer in order to allow easy identification. The user can disable cookies by changing the settings of your browser. You are cautioned that this may slow down or prevent your access to all or part of the site.


Benelliforum.it can enter within its pages advertising campaigns run by other companies, which make use of these services for the delivery of their cookies are not managed by Benelliforum.it in any way. The user can choose to block these cookies by acting on the settings on your browser; it should be noted that also in this case, this may slow down or prevent your access to all or part of the site.


Benelliforum.it uses statistics services outside the structure. The statistics services use cookies to process your data. The user can disable cookies by changing the settings of your browser.


Google, as a reseller and dealer advertising, the system uses cookies to serve ads on this site. The system uses the DART cookie enables Google to bring up advertisements based on your visits to this and other sites. Users can forgo the use of the system of the DART cookie by going to the Google ad and content network privacy policy


The submission by users / visitors of their personal information to access certain services or to make requests through e-mail, involves the acquisition by Benelliforum.it of the sender and / or any other personal data . These data will be used exclusively to respond to the request, or for the provision of the service, and will be disclosed to third parties only in case it is necessary to comply with the demands of the users / visitors themselves.


The treatment is done through automated tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected, however, in accordance with the legal provisions in force. Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.


Benelliforum.it can not be held responsible for any unauthorized access or loss of personal information outside of its control.


This forum is strictly forbidden to copy any material (discussions, images, videos, etc.. Etc..), However, we are available to one thing, that is, if a user wants to take the material from this forum should contact via private message (PM) administrator forum, if he is given the 'OK then you can take the material required to be provided, however, that in your site cite the source from which it was taken the material or the complete link of our forum: http: //www.Benelliforum. or if it has been taken a picture or a video containing the link to the interior of our forum, please add it as it was taken without changing anything and delete the link to our forum, who does not respect these simple rules will be banned from the forum regularly and reported to the authorities.





Admin Benelliforum.it

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